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Lecture 7

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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Memory All parts of memory seems to involve active processes Encoding  Storage  Retrieval Encoding Attention Is a filter and is influenced by many factors such as previous experience and present needs. Level of Processing Deeper levels of processing = longer-lasting memory codes Methods of encoding include: 1. Structural 2. Phonemic 3. Semantic Enriched Encoding Elaboration: linking a stimulus to other information at the time of encoding Visual Imagery:Provides a second kind of memory codes Self-Referent EncodingDeciding how or whether information is personally relevant Storage  Sensory memory  Short-term memory  Long-term memory *We really don’t know if there is such thing as short or long term memory Sensory Memory  Preserves information in its original sensory form for a brief time  e.g. afterimages that decays Short-Term Memory (STM)  Limited capacity  Rehearsal: the process of repetitively verbalizing or thinking about the information Capacity of Storage Chunk is a group of familiar stimuli stored as a single unit The second group of letters is easier to memorize: Group 1: FB – INH – LC – IAIB – M Group 2: FBI – NHL – CIA - IBM STM as “Working Memory” - Phonological rehearsal loop (time) - Visuospatial sketchpad - Executive control system - Episodic buffer Long-Term Memory We seem to have unlimited capacity for memory Permanent? Most memories stay in the mind permanently. There is no conclusive answer. Flashbulb memories: memories you never forget Hypnosis. STM vs. LTM Traditional View: Encoding: Phonemic
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