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Lecture 9

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York University
PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Motivation and Emotion (2) Human Sexual Response Problems in doing sex research: There are laws against sex research, and it is a little uncomfortable in some situations for some people History of Sex Research - Pioneering Stage - Kinsey Reportss (1948, 1953) - Masters and Johnson In pioneering stages it was not a morally “right” thing to masturbate. However Kinsey reported that 9/10 men do masturbate and therefor normalizes the act. Myths and fallacies The myth of the males’ Sexual Wisdom : men are supposed to know how to arouse their partner without being warned or informed because it affects their masculinity. “We don’t really talk about sex” The search for Aphrodisiacs: A substance taken in to be sexually aroused. To this date, there are no aphrodisiacs known to stimulate sexual arousal. Penis size: There is less and less sensitivity as you go up a vaginal barrier therefore penis size does not play a huge role in sexual arousal for women. Myths and Fallacies Sex as a Barometer of a good relationship: You could have terrible sex but a great relationship. Sex is NOT a measurement of a good relationship Hunger and Eating - Cannon: stomach contractions cause hunger - This idea is now discredited Brain Regulation Learn the function of hypothalamus, PVN, and others for food regulation Hormonal Regulation Insulin: Breaks down sugar, needed for diabetics because they don’t produce natural insulin. Ghrelin: CCK Leptin: measures how much fat is stored in your system Environmental Factors Food Availability and related cues (incentives or anticipated pleasure?) Television commercials? Courts are being asked
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