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Psychology in class notes Nov 15

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psychology – Nov 15 lecture notes Operant conditioning - S: stimulant R: response - SR positive reinforcement: add something pleasant, increase probability of reaction - Negative reinforcement: remove something unpleasant and this to increases the probability of the response o Ex: S: beeping R: seatbelt on Consequence: beeping stops - Positive punishment: add something unpleasant, decreasing the probability of response o Ex: rat press leaver instead of getting food gets a shock - Negative punishment: remove something pleasant, decrease the probability of response o Ex: Speeding, driver’s licence is taken away o Ex: Timeout –remove from al pleasant things - Considerations to punishment o Punishment should be immediate o Punishment should be consistent o Modeling behaviour o Avoid harsh punishment (not abusive) - Alternatives to punishment o Reinforce alternative desirable behaviours o Ignore the unwanted behaviour Social behaviour (modules 43-46) - Social psych : study of human behaviour in a social manner o Social cognition: study of how we perceive and evaluate others (first impressions/attributions depending on behaviour) o Social influence: how we influence each others behaviours and attitudes - Compliance: agreeing to someone’s direct request - Obedience: authority figure asks you to do something - Conformity : adjusting your behaviour or thinking to coincide with a group standard - Milgram: was a social psychologist –obedience  There were about 40 students one would be a teacher the other would be the student the teacher would say a number words if the student got it wrong they would need to shock them, the experimenter would say you must go one it is imperative for you to go on (shocking). The 450 electric volts was the highest, however the teacher did not know the student was not actually getting shocked rather an actor. o remote condition: could not hear rather hear person pounding on wall 65% (continued til the end) o voice feedback: teacher would hear the persons cries 62.5% o
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