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York University
PSYC 1010
Agnieszka Kopinska

PSYCH 1010 Consciousness ConsciousnessThe brain generates conscious awarenessDescartes saw the mind as being dissociated from but connected to the bodyDescribed as a continually changing stream or river of mental activity by William JamesFreuds interests were in what is below surface of that streamDefinitionsOnes awareness The professor just asked me a question about consciousness My heart is racingAwareness of self as the unique being having these experiences Why meAwareness of thoughts and feelings I am going to make a fool of myself Dont like itConsciousnesspersonal awareness BlindsightBlindsightWeiskrantz 1986Visual capacities in scotomaDB had headaches from the age of 14 eventually relieved by removing part of the visual cortexleaving scotomaWeiskrantz called in to check his vision found he could guess the orientation of a stick point to a target reach for an outstretched handHe could see things he was not aware of Visual Spatial NeglectCaused by damage to the parietal lobeImpairs ability to attend to the side of space that is opposite of the damaged hemisphereThe vision is normal but the attention is impairedFor example a patient only eats food from the same side of plate as damage Circadian RhythmAny rhythmic change that continues at close to a 24hour cycle in the absence of 24hour cuesBody temperatureCortisol secretionSleep and wakefulnessInfradianoccurs less than once a dayUltradianoccurs more than once a dayIn the absence of time cues the cycle period will become somewhat longer than 24 hoursIsolation StudiesIsolation studies Typically human show freerunning rhythms with periods25 hrSiffre 1972Speleologist
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