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York University
PSYC 1010
Myriam Mongrain

Tutorial #11: Motivation Textbook Ch. 10, p. 439-467 1) Which of the following statements reflects a motivation? a) On average, girls read faster than boys b) I’m feeling very happy today c) Maria went to the store this morning to buy some milk d) I went to the kitchen because I was hungry 2) Which is the correct order for the model of motivation presented in lecture? a) Input => Motivation=> Behaviour b) Behaviour=> Input => Motivation c) Motivation => Emotion => Behaviour d) Emotion => Motivation => Behaviour 3) Which of the following was not a criticism of Maslow’s model? a) Progression can occur without basic need satisfaction b) The model excludes altruism, power, and autonomy needs c) Individual differences may influence the relative importance of needs d) No one ever achieves self-actualization 4) Which of the following would a person with a high need for achievement most likely choose to attempt? a) An easy task b) A moderately difficult task c) An extremely difficult task d) A task that is nearly impossible 5) Someone who would rather have many casual friends instead of a few really close friends is strongly motivated by the need for: a) Achievement b) Affiliation c) Intimacy d) Power 6) What 3 motivational needs are met when people feel most fulfilled? a) Autonomy, self-worth, and connection b) Ability, circumstances, and the absence of threats c) Self-actualization, self-esteem, and aesthetic satisfaction d) Moderate difficulty, skill set, and success 7) Which of the following is NOT a piece of information used by the hypothalamus to regulate hunger: a) the amount of nutrients present in the stomach b) blood pressure c) insulin level in blood d) leptin level in blood 8) Which of the following is not a criterion for the diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa? a) Refusal to maintain minimally normal body weight (85% or less of what it should be) b) Intense fear of gai2ing weight c) BMI < 18.5 kg/m d) Disturbance in the perception of one’s body 9) What is one of the key differences between anorexia and bulimia? a) Anorexia is more prevalent than bulimia b) Bulimics tend to have a perfectionistic personality c) Having a family history of obesity is common in anorexia d) Bulimics are able to maintain a normal body weight, whereas anorexics are severely underweight 10) How might the parental investment theory explain why many women wear make-up? a) Women have a strong desire to see themselves as aesthetically pleasing b) Young girls see their mother
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