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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Problem with diagnosing • It can colour ones perception Rosenhan's study (1993) • Pseudo (fake/false) patients • Actors not true patients altered name and occupations, though they didn't fake anything in diagnostic interview, called given institution arrived at admissions office saying "I'm hearing voices (hollow, empty or thud)" o Despite acting perfectly normal 7 out of 8 were diagnosed as Schizophrenia DSM - V NEUROTIC DISORDER Neurotic disorders - involve feelings of distress or anxiety or anxiety but don't lead to a distortion of reality test given scenario and u pick which one is most likely displaying which disorder Anxiety disorder (type of neurotic disorder) 1. Generalized anxiety disorder (free-flowing anxiety) - constantly have this anxious feeling, have difficulty making decisions, always worrying, physical: trembling, dizziness, sweating, feeling faint, chest pains 1. Phobic disorders (simple phobias/social phobias) • simple phobias: ppl have a fear of one specific stimulus/event (height/dogs/snakes) • social phobia: have a fear when apart of social setting, fear they will be negatively associated, (public speaking/eating in restaurants)
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