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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Experiential Exercise In the beginning of this class, I contemplated on which common social norm I should break. I picked something universal. It happened on a slow saturday night at work, as I mindlessly stare at chair I notice a chipotle bag in my peripheral vision coming toward my direction.All I could see was mexican food being taken out of the bag. Everyone knows what happens when you eat mexican food. Then It clicked. I knew what social norm I wanted to break. I look around to see if anyone could hear my super ego screaming to stop me. I partially listen as I take the next order, within tenths of a second my id overpowers the super ego and releases the bomb. The unspoken rule of farting in public. Yes! I did it.Are you embarrassed for me? Because that was the reaction I felt. My coworkers were surprised asking around who was that. I confessed it was me. One coworker laughed at me positively reinforcing me that I was funny and another gave me pat on the back telling me that he thought I did not have it in me
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