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19-Lecture Notes - Mar.28.pdf stress and coping

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych 1010KMar 28 2013 JS These notes are not a substitution for attending class reading the textbook or taking your own notesIMPORTANT REMINDERS Test 4Next week Bring photo ID URPP DeadlineApril 8 Check URPP account now April 18 is appeals week to discuss any discrepancies in points and class section Please complete course evaluations on moodleStress Modules 38 39Biopsychosocial Approach to Stress and Illness related to biological psychological and social factors in the last century most major threats to help were contagious diseaseseg Small pox tuberculosis etc Now focus more on chronic illness eg cancer heart disease stroke We know that factors other than biological ones impact chronic diseasesBiological Factors infectious agents environmental toxins genetic predisposition physiological reactivity results from prolonged exposure to external stress immune responsePsychological Factors stress coping tactics personality healthrelated habits reactions to illnessSocial social support health education pollution control sanitation medical caretogether these factors influence our health and wellbeingHealth Psychologyconcerned with the causes treatments and prevention of illness by focusing more on the psychological aspects
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