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18-Psych 1010 Lecture March 21.pdf chapter 17 to 19

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC 1010K March 21 2013 These notes are not a substitution to attending class reading the textbook or taking your own notes Sensation and Perception Modules 1719 Sensation and perception are related but they are two different processesSensation the process whereby sensory organs gather information from the outside world the stimulation of the sensory organsthe process whereby the brain organizes and interprets these Perceptionsensations Our perception can be inuenced by our experience perceptual set PsychophysicsPsychophysics is the study of how physical stimuli are translated into psychological experience One important question investigated in psychophysics is how much of a stimulus is necessary for you to detect it There are different methods for investigating this questions Absolute threshold 1to assess absolute threshold the subject is told to look at a computer screen a small dot of light then appears on the screen and gradually gets brighter and brighter The subject is instructed told to tell the researcher when they are able to detect the light Absolute thresholds differ across different people and can even vary for the individual themselves this makes it very difcult to determine a persons absolute thresholdTherefore absolute threshold it is dened as the point at which a person can detect the lowest intensity of light 50 of the timeThe following are some examples of average absolute thresholds for humansvision a candle ame from 40 Km away on a clear dark night you can hear a watch ticking from about 6 m away in a quiet roomone teaspoon dissolved in 8 litres of water one drop of perfume diffused throughout a small housethe pressure of the wing of a small y from the distance of about 1 cmDifference threshold Just noticeable difference or JND2 JND is dened as the smallest difference in stimulation required to discriminate one stimulus from another 50 of the time to assess for JND the subject is told to look at a computer screen and this time two dots of light appear on the screen One of the dots of lights is used as a reference or basis for comparison The reference stimulus does not change but the other dot of
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