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Psych 1010 Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion (January 19 2012 Lecture)

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych 1010 Chapter 10 Motivation and Emotion January 19 2012 LectureMotivation has two components1 Drive arousal2 Goal directed behaviourTheories of motivation1 Freuds life and death instincts2 Sociobiological view3 Instincts4 Hulls Drive Reduction TheoryProposes that when biological needs are deficient our drive level increases All behaviour is geared towards satisfying these biological needs thus reducing drive to a 0 level We are motivated to maintain a 0 drive levelE DxHProbabilityDrive x Habit Strength10x100x1010x0Eating is a driveIncentive the anticipataion of rewardsIncentives are learnedDrive theories such as Hulls expresses how internal states push biological mechanisms ex when you are hungry you have a hunger drive that motivates you to find something to eatIncentive theories look at how external stimuli pull What external stimuli will you be choosing ex you could have liver or apple pie apple pie is really reawarding and it will pull you into it
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