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Chapter 2&3

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

What is the stimulus that produces the response UCSIn this situation what is the response that occurs without any conditioning UCR What stimulus is paired with the UCS CSWhat response is produced by the CSCRAssociation PrincipleAdding something good with a normal object to increase valueAdvertiser use this techniqueUsing the sex sells technique Politicians also use this technique kissing babies and doing things to look goodbad news messenger Fairweather fansonly cheer their team on when they win in sportsIn real life BF Skinner Operant chamber box or Skinner box If we do something and it turns out good we tend to repeat itOrganism tend to repeatthose responses that are followed by favourable consequencesOperant Conditioning Involves instrumental learningLearning that occur with consequences that follow behaviour Example study of rats We do something with a good outcomewe continue to do it more Ex you tell joke and people laughyou telling more jokes Reinforcing ConsequenceAnything that increases the preceding behaviour whether Negative or PositiveReinforcement means INCREASESE2 ways to reinforce behaviour 1 Positive reinforcementGive something the person likes
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