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Lecture 15

Introduction to Psychology Lecture 15 (PSYCH1010)

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych1010 Lecture 15 222012 12600 PM IQ MACA x 100Weschlers Deviation IQ score y A persons IQ score is compared to others in the same age group y Average performance for a given age group is set at 100 Then you see how far a given persons score deviates from the average IQ scoreCognitive Perspective y Focuses on the PROCESS of intelligence rather than on the AMOUNT of intelligence IQ y In other words they want to know how other people USE the IQEmotional Intelligence Goleman y Consists of the ability to perceive and express emotion to assimilate emotion in thought to understand and reason with emotion and to regulatecontrol emotionTest Construction 3 Main Criteria 1 Standardization a standard or uniform procedure whereby the original test questions are given to a large group in order to a Produce questions that can discriminate b To provide a set of standards or NORMS by which to judge what a specific score means 2 Reliability theres a consistency in scores a Testretest reliability i the same test in given to the same people but at two different times b SplitTest Reliability 3 Validity the test is really measuring what its intended to measure a Content Validity b CRITERION VALIDITY if the scores on the test in question are correlated with another independent measure criterion then the test has criterion validity
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