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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych 1010 Lecture 18March 8 2012Schizophrenia Subtypes1 Paranoid Type delusion of perception2 Catatonia problems with motor activity3 Disorganized4 UndifferentiatedChapter 15 Treatment of Psychological DisordersPsychotherapy created by Freud3 Categories of Treatment1 Insight Therapies Talking Therapies Guide the patient to come to the realization The therapist is a guide2 Behaviour Therapy Based on learning principals Interested in overt observable behaviour3Biomedical Therapy Try to alter the patients biological eg drugs electric shockEclectic approach to therapy a little bit of everything to better adjust to the patientPatient has to acknowledge that they have a disorder Therapists are not miracle workersPsychoanalysis Anxiety is related to conflictual feelings that were repressed The aim is to uncover the underlying cause of the anxiety and the analysis tries to help the patient gain insight and reexperience the emotions that were repressedIn order to get rid of the disorder you must find the underlying cause of the disorder eg you want to quit smoking Do not do psychoanalysis because it will take 5 years If you did though the analyst would ask what made you start smoking in the first place Analyst will say that something must have happened in the oral stage of development and find out what happened
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