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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych 1010 March 1 2012 Neurotic Disordersanxiety somatoform dissociative neurosispsycho analytic term freud neurotic disorders involve feelings of anxiety or distress they dont lead to distortions of reality Anxiety Disorders neurotic anxiety vs stress anxiety neurotic anxiety is always there abnormal stress anxiety is in proportion to the stressor therefore once stressor is removed anxiety decreasesageneralize anxiety disorder chronic always feeling this way unsettled not in response to a stimulus free float anxiety difficulty in making decisions strong physiological responses trembling breathing bPhobic Disorders feel anxiety to very specific things simple phobias dogs heights spiders social phobias fear being neg evaluated public speakingcPanic Disorder and Agoraphobia fear of leaving the house open spaces agoraphobia once believed to be a simple phobia but more compex therefore connected with panic disorder there are physiological responses d obsessive compulsive disorder OCD a obsessionrecurrent involuntary though or mental image therefore intruding with other mental processes and this thought tends to create anxiety b compulsive behaviour ex germs inflicting harm sexual acts temporary reduction of behaviour
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