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17 Apr 2012
Chapter 14 Psychopathology II
Psychopathology *
- Disagreement on criteria, signs, symptoms, treatment
- Been a lot of attempts to standardize assessment of types
- DSM of APA dominant categorization system
Contemporary Perspective Paradigms
o Behaviour = symptoms
o Represents underlying brain disorder this must be treated, not the symptoms
o Symptoms reflect unconscious conflict don`t treat symptoms
o Focus on behaviour, not on internal causes
o Symptoms are the problem
o Disorders are thinking disorders
o Origin of disorders are cognitive (even emotional disorders i.e. depression)
o Treatment: change the way people think
I .e. treating depression; done by redirecting internal attribution to external
o Often challenge catergorization
o Focus on growth and innate actualizing process
o Therapy: uncovering innate growth potential within all people (they are often
covered up by interpsonal/social baggage
Categorization of Disorders
DSM IV 230 types of disordesr
o Multi-axial (5 dimensions
1,II, III presenting congitions
IV stressful events
V adaptive ability ability to cope
o Axis 1
16 major categories (w/subtypes)
1) anxiety disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder worrying about everything
o Acrophobia height
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