PSYC 1010 Lecture 4: PSYC lecture 4

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6 May 2016
Thursday September 19, 2013
PSYC 1010: Lecture 4
- Correlation Coefficient: A numerical value that expresses the size and direction of the
relationship between two variables
- ranges from 1 to -1
- the number tells you the strength of the relationship, the sign tells you if they move
together (positive) Or away from one another (negative)
- -.8 just as strong as +.8
- ie. negative correlation between age and hair on head
- ie. positive correlation between avg grade on tests and avg on final (+.9)
- no relationship = corr of 0 (ie. weight and grade in psych)
- negative cor has downward slant on graph, and pos. has an upward slant
- the stronger the relationship, the closer the points are to each other on the graph
- EXAM ie. which correlation is stronger a) .8 b)3.2 c) -.7) answer: .8
Sample Scientific Investigation
Hypothesis: life change will be corellated with illness
Study Design: survery method at 3 hospotals over 2 mnths with short term patients
Collect data: administer 232 questionairess to patients
Analyze and interpret data: Scores on life change scale are corr with scores on illness
scale. Interpretation: Life change is corr with illness
Report findings: Publish in journal (Ie. Psychosomatic Medicine)
Correlation Does NOT Mean Causation
- ie. depression could cause less sleep, or people with poor sleep, are lead to be
- Don’t know which CAUSES only that they are RELATED (Correlated)
- Could be a third factor that is the cause of all (ie. family conflicts keep person awake
and depressed)
PRACTICE QUESTION: Which of the following is an operational definition
of curiosity?
a) a desire to gain knowledge for its own sake
b) the mental activity exp by a child in the presence of bightly colored obj
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