PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Stim, Reuptake, Axon Terminal

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6 May 2016
September 26, 2013
PSYC 1010 Lecture 6: Biological Basis of Behaviour
Nervous System Communication
Action Potentials
- Electrical communication in the nervous system occurs by propagations of action
potentials down the axon
- The allegory of New Ron College
- Peaple seek equlibrium
-Prefer to move from densley populated places to less crowded area
- ie. in elevator, one person in middle, people move out to the least crowded area
as more come in
- If we are seeking a mate, we move to areas with a larger proportion of the
opposite sex
-New Ron College Allegory
- When students allowed free access, males and females were evenly distibuted
in the dormitories
- Moved in and out, seeking opposite sex, and less densly populated area
- new administration segregated the sexes
- posted house mothers at doors, who gathered up roaming girls and evict males
- on average she brought in two girls for every three boys she evicted
- gave the campus RESTING potential
- students started harrasing house mother, bc they didnt like the policies
- when she could no longer control things, she would abandon door to try o
control, and then the other guys would rush in
- the house was complete dissaray, she would go to next dorm and ask house
mother B to help her
- house A was restored to order, but house B guys and girls were mixed up
beacuse she left her door
- as each house would start to get into order, the other boys would rush into the
- would go into paper and spread across to other unis
Chemical systems seek equilibrium
-chem and ions tend to distibute themselves evenly throughout th eavailable area
-called diffusion
Electrical systems seek equilibrium
- ions rearrange themselves so positively and negatively charged ions are evenly
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