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Psychology 2021 3.0R – Statistical Methods I Instructor: Dr. Regina Schuller Teaching Assistant: Anthony Singhal 242 BSB -- 736-5115 x33190 222 Bethune College Office Hrs: Tuesday 2:00-3:00 Office Hrs: Wed. 2:00-3:00 [email protected] Time: Tuesday -- 8:30-11:30 Location: CSE-B Textbook: J. Jaccard & M.A. Becker (2002). Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4th ed.). Belmont, CA:.Wadsworth/Thomson Learning Course Description The purpose of the course is to give you a working knowledge of descriptive statistics and how they are used and interpreted in psychological research. Descriptive statistics deal with the ways in which a collection of numbers can be summarized for clearer understanding and presentation. Descriptive statistics also underlie inferential statistics - techniques that allow you to infer properties about populations from data collected on samples from those populations. This course will cover fundamental concepts and techniques of descriptive statistics (e.g., graphical presentations, measures of central tendency and variability, correlations) and their applications to psychological research, as well as introduce the basic underlying logic of inferential statistics, including hypothesis testing with the normal and t-distributions. Format The course format consists of one three-hour class each week. Classes will consist of lecture, research demonstrations/data collection, and, on some occasions, tutorial review. Each class will usually be associated with a chapter in the textbook. Please note that the professor will not lend out or post lecture notes; it is your responsibility to borrow a classmate's notes if you must miss a lecture. You should do the readings before the lecture so that you will have a frame of reference for understanding the material presented. When learning statistics you are dealing with cumulative knowledge: a new topic builds on previous topics. Therefore, it is essential that you attend the lectures and that you do not fall behind in your readings and assignments. Please do not hesitate to ask questions during the lectures or office hours. Method of Evaluation Grades are based on the total number of points accumulated on 1) weekly assignments 2) brief report 3) a midterm, and 4) final examination. Weekly Assignments: At the end of each lecture you will be given a set of problems. In most cases they will be taken from your text. You are to hand in each assignment at the following lecture; assignments will not be accepted late. Your answers will not be marked for correctness (for some of the questions you will be able to check the answer yourself by looking at the answers provided at the end of the text). Anthony will simply verify whether or not you have completed the assignment. It is not sufficient to merely put down answers; you must also provide the steps that led to the answer. If you hand in all of your work throughout the semester you will receive 5 full marks towards your final grade. The purpose of these marks is to provide you with an incentive for keeping up with your work and to provide you with a reward for your efforts. Brief Report: You will be assigned a small research assignment. A description of this assignment and its due date will follow shortly. Exams: There will be a midterm exam and a final exam (the final exam is cumulative). The midterm is scheduled for February 10, 2004. The final exam will be scheduled during the final examination period. The format for the exams is closed book, but partial formulas and relevant tables will be provided. You will need to bring a calculator for all exams. The final breakdown of marks is as follows: Weekly Assignments: 5% Brief Report:
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