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PSYC 2021
Agnieszka Kopinska

Lecture #3  Psychological variables in people-examples: Type A & Type B personality, measure of hostility, measure of compassion, introverted & extroverted, measure of intelligence, how risk-taking people are, obedience to authority.  One way to research variables is to hold them constant, randomly assign, and account for them in a statistical sense.  Random assignment you achieve and trust that groups can be equivalent. You are unlikely to get unrepresentative results. o You control variables by randomly assigning them.  Correlation method: measure already existing variables. o Examples:  Relationship between self-esteem and promiscuity. Perhaps people with greater self-esteem are less promiscuous. rd  Relationship between alcohol consumption and concussions. (3 variable involved may be: risk-taking. Perhaps reckless people have more concussions and more adventurous people consume more alcohol).  Relationship between drowning and eating ice-cream. In summer, people eat more ice cream, they also swim which can lead to drowning. It doesn’t mean
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