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Lecture 4 PSYA02 NotesSpearmans Two Factor TheorySpearman found that many tests of intellectual ability were moderately and positively correlated leading him to conclude that every intellectual activity involves bothoA general factor gcommon across all tests how smart you are on average It is broken down into subcategoriesapprehension of experienceeduction of relations ability to see linkseduction of correlates ability to apply rulesoA specific factor s unique to each testoHow to Identify General Intellectual AbilitiesOne way is to correlate intelligence tests if correlation is 1 then we can conclude on general ability when doing tests This is only useful if you are comparing two tests What about more than two tests Spearman developed the factor analysis a statistical procedure for data reductionCattells Two Factor TheoryoFluid intelligence g The persons native intellectual ability his for her potential to learn and solve problems as defined by performance on relatively culturefree tasks ex memory span pattern recognition This intelligence matures from childhood to adolescence but declines as you age furtheroCrystallized int
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