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PSYC 2030
Krista Phillips

Abnormal Behaviour Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Abnormal Behaviour in Historical ContextWhat is a Psychological Disorderpsychological disorder a psychological dysfunction within an individual that is associated with distressimpairment and a response that is not typical or culturally expected3 criteriapsychological dysfunctiondistressimpairmentatypical responsenot culturally expectedphobia a psychological disorder characterized by markedpersistent dear of an objectsituationpsychological dysfunction breakdown in cognitive emotional or behavioural functioningexist on a continuumdimension rather than categories personal distress individual is extremely upsetatypicalnot culturally expected occurs infrequentlydeviates from the averageviolating social norms example Saplonskys study on Masai tribe in East Africawomen acting aggressively hearing voices not at the right time harmful dysfunctionbeyond individuals control official definition behaviour al psychological or biological dysfunctions that are unexpected in their cultural context and associated with present distress and impairment in functioning or increased risk of suffering death pain or impairment some scholars have argued that the health professions will never be able to satisfactorily define disease or disorderprototype typical profilepatient may have only some featuressymptoms of the disorder a min number and still meet criteria for the disorder because the symptoms are close to the prototypethe best thing to do consider how the apparent disease or disorder matches a typical profile of a disorder depressionskitzo when st or all symptoms that experts age are part of the disorder are presentThomas SzaszGeorge Albee 1960shighly critical of medical diagnoses being used in the case of psychological disordersmental illnessmyth the practice of labelling mental illnesses should be abolishedargued that a fundamental diff exists between the use of diagnoses for physical diseases objective critera blood tets and their use in mental illnesses subjective judgements The Science of Psychopathologypsychopathology the scientific study of psychological disordersincludes specially trained professionals clinicalcounselling psychologists psychiatrists psychiatric social workers psychiatric nurses marriagefam therapists mental health counsellorsClinical Psychologists PhD after a course of graduate level study 5 yrsPsyD more emphasis on clinical practiceless on research training not in Canadain development in Quebecconduct research into causestreatment of psychological disordersdiagnose assess treat the disordersAbnormal Behaviour Chapter 1 Canadaregulation of the psychology profession is under the jurisdiction of the provincesterritoriesdepending on jurisdiction psychologist can have doctoral or mastersOntario only those who are licensed or registered with their provincial board or college are permitted to call themselves psychologists psychotherapisttherapist are not regulatedpsychologists with experimental or social training concentrate on investigating the basic determinants of behaviour but do not assess or treat psychological disorderscounselling psychologists PhD PsyD EdD tend to study treat adjustmentvocational issus encountered by healthy individualsPsychiatrists MDspecialize in psychiatry during 34 year residency training programinvestigate naturecauses of psychological disorder often from biological point of view make diagnoses offer treatmentsmany emphasize drugsother biological treatmentsuse psychosocial treatmentsPsychiatric Social Workers Masters in Social Workdevelop expertise in collecting information relevant to the social and fam situation of the individual with a psychological disordertreat disorders concentrating on fam problems associated with themPsychiatric Nurses MastersPhDspecialize in caretreatment of patients with psychological disorders usually in hospitals as part of treatment teamMarriageFamily TherapistsMental Health CounsellorsMasters 12 year provide clinical services in hospitalsclinic under supervision of a doctorallevel clinician1 The ScientistPractitioner most important recent development in psych adoption of scientific methods to learn more about the nature of psychological disorders their causes and their treatmentscientistpractitioners mental health professionals that take a scientific approach to their clinical work 1 may keep up with the latest scientific developments in their fielduse most current diagnostictreatment procedures 2 evaluate their own assessmentstreatment procedures to see whether they work accountable to patients government agencies insurance companies that pay for treatments 3 conduct research in clinicshospitals that produces new info about disorderstreatment 2 Clinical Descriptionpresenting problem presents indication of why the person came to the clinic clinical description represents the unique combination of behaviours thoughts feelings that make up a specific disorderwhat makes the disorder different from normal behaviour or from other disordersclinical 1 the types of problems or disorders you would find in a clinichospital 2 the activities connected with assessmenttreatment2 aWhat s Included in the Clinical Description
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