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Introduction to Research Methods: Lecture 1 *SHORT ANSWER HINT*

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York University
PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Intro To Research Methods PSYCH2030 1/10/2013 11:02:00 AM REBECCA JUBIS!!!!! BEST PROF EVER!!!!! Process vs. Content – a way of obtaining knowledge that can be applied to all content areas Can use this course (process) as a knowledge compatible with all other content (research areas) Critical Thinking- it gives you a way of thinking about facts and testing them. Chapter 5- Experimental Research The experimenter varies one or more variables while holding others constant. Advantage- it allows you to infer cause-and-effect. Disadvantage- generalizability? Experiment often conducted in artificial laboratory environment and may lack generalizability in the real world. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE (aka IV):  The variable that the experimenter changes in order to see if or how it affects behaviour. DEPENDENT VARIABLE (aka DV):  The behaviour that’s measured to see if the independent variable had an effect. IV: cause DV: effect EXTRANEOUS VARIABLE vs. CONFOUNDING VARIABLE Extraneous Variables- are variables that are not controlled and are of no interest to the researcher. They are not problematic as long as they are held constant. *think of the word “extra” as extra stuff that doesn’t matter* Confounding Variable- its an uncontrolled extraneous variable that changes with the independent variable and can also affect the dependent variable. It is a variable that you do not want in your study because it tosses your experiment out the window and you must start from scratch. An extraneous variable “gone wild”. In an experiment, all groups MUST be equal to one another in every way except for the IV. Control Group- the group that gets the “0” amount of
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