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Lecture 5

Introduction to Research Methods: Lecture 5 **SHORT ANSWER QUESTION REVEALED** Plus multiple choice hints!**

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

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Intro to Research Methods Lecture 5 13-02-14 7:24 PM Interaction Effects • Occurs when the effect of one IV depends on the level of another IV. Remember: Factorial Design means there is more than one IV involved. **SHORT ANSWER for Test 2:Look at a matrix and come up with the corresponding graph; or a graph and come up with corresponding matrix.** Interaction Effects Ceiling Effect (Appears as Interaction Effect, but does not display an opportunity to get a higher score, causing a misinterpretation of data) (i.e. only having 40 questions on a test and first IV getting consistent 40 but no opportunity to improve) Ceiling Effect- this occurs when scores on 2 or more conditions are near the maximum, it can give the impression that no differences exist between conditions. Floor Effect (a group cannot get any lower) (i.e. the first group regarding behaviour may not be able to possibly get any lower than zero after a treatment, so can be misinterpreted) 2x2x2 ABC A B C AxB AxC BxC AxBxC *most important to publish because it shows an overall reaction **Will NOT be tested on any statist
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