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lecture 2

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PSYC 2030
Hernan Humana

PSY 2030 1. Ethics: *definition - Ethics: a system of moral principles branch of philosophy dealing with values and motives the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or group of persons the science of morals * a particular system of principles anrules concerning duty, whether true or false; rules of practice in respect to a single class of human actions; as political or social ethics *practical relevance Conditions a kid to a white rat by banging metal rods. (cannot be repeated) *cultural relativity: examples from clinical practice Ideas change within a culture over time about what is normal or abnormal Miles &August study  A man in coma, who had a convo with a buddy years about death could be used by docs for their decision.  For women, usually husbands make the decision. temporal relativity: examples from social psychology comparison with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Dsm – description of mental illness/descriptive manual DSM – APA CODE OF ETHICS: social construction. FORM 1 – walking out, smokes, money etc taken away The criteria of the DSM changes according to how willing the society is to accept and tolerate. Hannah Arendt: horrible natzi war criminal did not look different from someone looking next to you. (banality of evil) 2. The APA Code of Ethics ( social construction; that reflects us, in this time. 5 Principles: Beneficence and Non-Malfeasance  Beneficence: doing good  Non-Malfeasance: not hurt anybody Fidelity and Responsibility  obligated as a psycho to establish relationship of trust.  Higher standard of professional behavior. Integrity  you are expected to be honest, with patient and research Justice  Your obligation as a researcher to treat everyone in the experiment with fairness. Respect for Rights and Dignity  Recognize peoples right to privacy and confidentiality. *Sample Cases Section 2 Competence education training professional Must maintain their competence. Section 8 - research and publication YOU CANNOT PROCEED UNTIL YOUR PROPOSAL IS CLEAR RISK FACOTRS OF THE STUDY. Section 4 Privacy and confidentiality promise your subject that you will maintain their privacy. security measures, a promise. informed consent, legally that in you have given your subject enough information so they can decide to participate. Kids should sign assesnt form but not enough, you need consent form. Deception occurs when info is no
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