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Lecture 6

PSYC 2030 Lecture 6: PSYC-2030 - R M chapter 6 docx - 2011-03-11

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PSYC 2030
Krista A Phillips

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R.M. Chapter 6
Validity and Reliability
o Validity:
shows how well the measure does what it purports to do
o Criterion validity:
How well scores on a test correlated with the particular criterion for success used to
asses it
o Construct validity:
Insurance tghat we are measuring the concept or contrsuct, in question
o Content validity:
How adequately it has sampled the universe of content it purports to measure
o Plausible rival hyp:
We are sceptical about the internal validity of the studys causal relationship
External validity is the generalizability
o Alternate form:
Degree of relatedness of different forms from same test
o Internal consistency reliability:
Overall degree of relatedness of all items in a testg or all rater in a judgement study
aka reliability of components
o Item to item:
Any single item on average
o Test retest :
Degree of temporal stability if a measuring intrsument or test which it is designed to
evaluate from one administration to another
o Contruct Validity:
Degree to which conceptualization of what is being measured ir experimentally
manipulated is what is claimes
Such as the contrsucts that are measure by psych tests or that serve a link b.w i.v.
and d.v.
o Content validity:
Adequate sampling of the relvant material or content that a test purports to
o Convergent and discriminant:
Convergent:Grounds established for a contruct based on the convergence of related
test or behaviour
Discriminat: distinctiveness of unrelated tests or behaviour
o Criterion validity:
Degree to which test is correlated with outcome criteria in the present (its
concurrent validty) or the future (predictive validity)
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