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PSYC 2030 Lecture Notes - Psycinfo, Library Catalog, Apa Style

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PSYC 2030
Krista Phillips

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PSY 2030
1. Ethics: *definition
- Ethics:
a system of moral principles
branch of philosophy dealing with values and motives
the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or group of
the science of morals
* a particular system of principles and rules concerning duty,
whether true or false; rules of practice in respect to a single class of
human actions; as political or social ethics
*practical relevance
Conditions a kid to a white rat by banging metal rods. (cannot be
*cultural relativity: examples from clinical practice
Ideas change within a culture over time about what is normal or
Miles &August study
A man in coma, who had a convo with a buddy years about death
could be used by docs for their decision.
For women, usually husbands make the decision.
temporal relativity: examples from social psychology
comparison with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Dsm description of mental illness/descriptive manual
DSM APA CODE OF ETHICS: social construction.
FORM 1 walking out, smokes, money etc taken away
The criteria of the DSM changes according to how willing the society
is to accept and tolerate.

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Hannah Arendt: horrible natzi war criminal did not look different
from someone looking next to you. (banality of evil)
2. The APA Code of Ethics
social construction; that reflects us, in this time.
5 Principles:
Beneficence and Non-Malfeasance
Beneficence: doing good
Non-Malfeasance: not hurt anybody
Fidelity and Responsibility
obligated as a psycho to establish relationship of trust.
Higher standard of professional behavior.
you are expected to be honest, with patient and research
Your obligation as a researcher to treat everyone in the
experiment with fairness.
Respect for Rights and Dignity
Recognize peoples right to privacy and confidentiality.
*Sample Cases
Section 2
Must maintain their competence.
Section 8 - research and publication
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