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The story of the king of Benares starts with his trip to the forest.docx

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PSYC 2030
Hernan Humana

The beauty of the forest distracts King of Benares on his trip the forest, losing his companions further kind finding a beautiful singing voice of fair young woman. Falling in love, the king is to be the father of the women’s child. The king convinces the young women as being the King of Benares and instructs the women to bring the boy to his palace and gives her a ring incase its a girl, so the ring can be sold to pay of her wedding expenses. Giving birth to a baby boy, the women hesitates to visit the palace of Benares and lives alone with her son. As the boy is a little older he is targeted, as the one without father from other kids in the village until the boy finds out his father is the king of Benares and decides to visit him. The kind denies that the boy is his son, as women had no proof she decides to t
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