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Lecture 9

PSYCH2030 Lecture 9

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Intro to Research Methods Lecture 9 130404 914 AM FINAL LECTURE BEFORE EXAMChapter 1 Scientific Thinking Ways of Knowing Pierce 1887 4 ways of achieving certainty in our beliefs 1 Authority we accept the validity of info from a source that we judge to be expert 2 Logic and Reason ie o Birds can recognize babies premise o My pet budgie is a bird premise o Logical Conclusion my budgie can recognize babies 3 Experience or Empiricismacquiring knowledge through direct experience or observation o Problem i Our experiences are limited ii our interpretation of events may be influenced by social cognition biases 1 Belief Perseverance 2 Confirmation Bias a You see only things that confirm your belief 3 Availability Heuristic a When we experience an unusual or memorable event or overestimate how often it occurs 4 Science ONLY METHOD THAT ISNT FLAWED o Advantage is that science is objectiveCharacteristics of Scientific Thinking 1 Determinism a Strict in theory complete accurate prediction not in psychology b Statistical can be used to predict the probability of an occurrence or behaviour 2 Objectivity a An observation can be verified by more than one observer b This is achieved by defining terms precisely enough so that the research can be replicated i Operational definition
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