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PSYC 2030
Krista A Phillips

Psych 2030: The Scientific Method Over 70 divisions in the field of Psychology Psychologists are not constricted to just one method when studying any topics. Look into how to collect data for Psychology. Most data collected at York is self report data for example a study on Procrastinating Look into what the people are doing in the Psychotherapy department of York (looks into what happens between therapists and patients) Methodological Pluralism: Multiple methods to investigate the same Phenomena. The lack of unity in subject matter and method has implications not only for what we study and how we study it, but also how we end up interpreting our data. Theoretical Ecumenism: Multiple Theories to explain same observations Physiological psychology says that all disorders are caused due to some chemical imbalance in the brain, but this does not take into account social or other factors. High tolerance for ambiguity needed in Psychology to survive. We have multiple competing theories that are used to explain exactly the same thing in psychology Due to this fact….how can we diagnose someone with say….depression, if we have multiple ideas or theories in why it is happening? (Question to keep in mind) Look up: Influence of theoretical orientation on adjustment rating (Langer and Abelson,
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