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Lecture 3

Research Methods: Detailed Notes from Lecture THREE!!!

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York University
PSYC 2030
Lisa Fiksenbaum

Lecture 3 January 23 2012 Literature Search Structure of a Paper APA formatIntroduction to Library ResearchAdam Taves ResearchguideslibraryyorkucapsychologyResearch as Conversation publically scholar literatureEncyclopedias literature reviews background informationBooks wider explorations of the topicArticles focus on narrow aspect of a topicThe catalogue on the York site will not find articlesof violence in the media on childrenExample What is the effect Example what is the relationship between physical attractiveness ad helping behaviorsLooking for scholarly articlesPeer reviewed or refereed gone through a review by peersNot everything peer reviewed are scholarly not everything scholarly is peer reviewedPsychinfo Web of Scienceasked to find article on a particular topico Asked to do a cited reference search takes a reference and talks you into time and lets you see who has used the article before Allows you to see how earlier it has been used for research and been improved Read appendix A p513 follow closely APA format very well textbook APPENDIX AUsing APA style for writing reports that publishes an encyclopedia Publica
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