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Lecture 4

Research Methods: Detailed Notes from Lecture FOUR!!!

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PSYC 2030
Lisa Fiksenbaum

Lecture 4 January 30 2012 Developing ideas for research in psychology Chapter 3 Outlining the problem what it is investigatingWhen finished reading the intro it should demonstrate why the research was done what they did in the past and what they intend on doing in the current researchIntroduction What is the question what has been done what will this research study do what is the hypotheses IntroductionReading the introduction may be difficult and time consuming but it tells you what hypotheses they are testing whyBe selective in what you presentResults why show a tablefigure o Effective and efficient way for presenting large amounts of data in concise form o Should supplement and not duplicate information o May be misleading o Keep eye open for how the information is presented Discussion do the results support the hypothesis o If yes provide all possible explanations o If no suggest potential reasons for this o Discusses studys limitation o Concluding paragraphAPA guidelines for scholarly writingProvides a consistent format of citation for many different disciplinesParaphrasing
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