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Lecture 5

Research Methods: Detailed Notes from Lecture FIVE!!!

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PSYC 2030
Lisa Fiksenbaum

Lecture 5 February 6 2012 Ethical issues in psychological research VIDEOEvolving concern Protection for humans subjects22 minstudies that were deemed science and are unethical by todays standard they are done in the past What is ethics Morals and principles that define what is right and what is wrongHistory of Ethics in Researchstudies deemed unethical and that highlight that peoples morals and standards and misguided their research and they were done to these participants and were cruel Usually they were individuals that were sick and powerful and are worthless and have no other means but to participate in the researchThe Belmont ReportBeneficence research should maximize benefits and minimizes possible harmful effects of participation potential risks eg Psychological harm and loss of confidentiality Benefits Educational benefit acquisition of a new skill or treatment for a psychological or medial problem Monetary payment some sort of gift or even the possibility of winning a prize in a raffle Satisfaction gained through being partRespect for personautonomy acknowledges the dignity and freedom of every personrequires obtaining informed consent from research subjects or their legally authorized representativesJusticeRequires equitable selection and recruitment and fair treatment of research subjects Benefits and burdens of researchIs Risk PresentCollege students complete an adjective checklist describing their current mood The researcher seeks to identify depressed students so that they can be included in a study examining cognitive deficits associated with depressionloss of confidentialitynot told about the studyinformed consentpeople who are depressed more depressed then when they started should have the resources available if need ne this is the researchers obligation
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