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Psyc 2030 - Quasi Experiment Lecture.docx

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PSYC 2030
Lisa Fiksenbaum

Outline Quasiexperimental designs Non equivalent control groupsTime series designs Program Evaluation Myths Where program evaluations is helpful Basic Steps Quasi experiments Procedures resemble those of true experimentsBut lack the degree of control found in true experimentsGenerally occur when the IV involves o Subject variables eg personality type o An environmental event eg hurricane or havingo The passage of timeHedrick bickman and Rog 1993 a quasi experimental design is not the method of choice but rather a fall back strategyCannot infer cause and effect BUT well designed quasi experiments enable you to demonstrate that rival interpretations are rendered unlikelyNonequivalent Group Designs Posttest only nonequivalent control group design aka static group comparison X O treatment group O nonequivalent control group Xtreatment OmeasurementobservationBecause there is no random assignment to groups confounding variables may explain any differences observedNon equivalent group designMost common threat to internal validity of this type of design is selection Pre testpost test non equivalent control group O x Otreatment group O O non equivalent control group PrepostAddition of the pretest measurement allows researcher to compare the observations before treatmentDesign allows a researcher to compare the pretest scores and post test scores for both groupsIf both groups are similar before intervention but diff after the intervention research can know that the intervention was responsible for the change
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