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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 – Research.docx

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York University
PSYC 2030
Krista Phillips

Lecture 5 – Research 2/9/2012 12:40:00 PM Test 12x6chapter=72 13 lecture =13 ------------------- =85 One question on Robert Zajonc Principals or the ethics code  which of the principals have been violated Robert Zajonc - mere exposure effect, the phenomenon that repeated exposure to a stimulus brings about an attitude change in relation to the stimulus. Collecting data is challenging  From measurement o Most of the things we are interested in measuring have no clear behaviour & biological measuring ways o Some tests capitalize on the idea that people are not aware of what they do but we can still measure motivation indirectly  Projective tests that are designed to measure unconscious motivation  From interpretation point Projective tests  Freud – ego defense mechanisms which protect us from painful psychological conditions  Rorschach – when we are faces with ambiguity, frank said the organism is o 1-driven to impose meaning & structure on to the stimulus o 2-when you impose meaning in structure is different from my meaning ---- shows personality Rorschach (1921)  Developed the hypothesis that when you give the cards to people they project meaning  -10 cards o 5 no colour o 2 black and red o 3 chromatic - multi coloured  -tell patient you will show them some card and they tell you what they mean to them o -tell them there are no right or wrong answers and they could say as much or as little as they want to o -write down all responses o known as free association phase  -when it is over you tell them you want to go back to the responses and ask them to tell you what it is that reminded them of the response o known as inquiry  -sometimes they see something you cannot see, if after they tell you, you still don’t see it, then you can engage in testing the limits – ask them if they can see the popular answer (bat or butterfly). Can be a short or long process  -rorschach is a very unstructured test  Exner method – technique for scoring the Rorschach  -after you have the answers you interpret them impressionistically – without a method  different interpretations –-- problematic  -psycho-metrically Rorschach is a piece of junk  -another problem: it is susceptible to extra test factors – sex of the person giving the test to you influences your responses  -why is it still used: Ror
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