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Lecture 2

PSYC 2030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Psycinfo

Course Code
PSYC 2030
Ronald Sheese

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Jan 23, 2014
Introduction to library research tutorial
- psychinfo
- research guides scroll down to psychology
- search box will not find articles but will find books on that topic
- advanced search is better
- take the question/topic you are looking for and break it down to the core
e.g., are there gender differences in language learning ability?
Core concepts gender differences
language learning ability
- go to key data bases
- psychinfo is the main one to use
advanced search can limit to peer reviewed or scholarly journals
cited reference searching
-this will show you the cited work and who has used them in their
-effective because it updates to earlier research
-responses to particular piece of research
-see the influence of an article, if a lot of scholars are using it
-find research on similar themes
- APA asks for the DOI, if you scroll down to the citations of the article it should
be a link there
required for journal articles citations
2 cite the book, then leave a space and then indicate call number is on the york
3 PRIOR to 1990
4can use Google, or bing, and indicate the key words, two websites AND an
-pick a good website and a lousy one
-a good website would be one you trust
4 print out the first page of the website
5 web of science
- 5 journal articles
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