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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Moral Judgement

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York University
PSYC 2110
Maxine Wintre

th December 9Freud conscience develops by internalizing prohibitions of what is wrongo Superego development Moral conduct is correlated w intellectual development high self esteem decision making and planning Children do learn the rules of conduct but they dont appear to be internalized very well Metacognition has to come first if you cant evaluate your behaviour you cant feel wrong about it Parents often give mixed messages on moral development Parents are often invisible role models child wont notice parents performing good behaviours Theres often a conflict between values of parents and values of peers And there are greater reinforcers for children to behave in sexstereotyped ways than moral behaviours Did you see that broad vs treat women well Discipline vs punishment o Ground rules and moral standards Conscience and FreudIdentification and Moral Developmentnot favoured theory 1 Mixed messages 2 Parents are invisible role models 3 Conflict between parents and peer group 4 More reward in sex stereotypes than moral behaviourConsistence of Moral BehaviourDiscipline vs PunishmentDiscipline is broader may or may not include physical punishmentPunishment is not an effective means of controlling behaviourChildren are not consistent in their moral conduct environment plays a factoralso depends upon the reward for behaving morally
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