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Lecture 4

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York University
PSYC 2110
Jean Varghese

Lecture 4 Organized newborn: Videos; Rooting is one of the most critical reflexes -- babies open their mo Once baby is in contact with bottle, breast or finger the sucking reflex takes over 2. Swallowing reflex – placing liquid in mouth will induce it! In first few weeks of life it takes a lot of concentration for baby to do reflexes After 6 weeks – baby become better at reflexes In first 2 month - stepping movement Bubinsky reflex -- occurs when the bottom of a baby’s foot is stroked Grasping reflex – when pressure is put on baby’s hand!! These reflexes were critical during human evolution and they will disappear completely after a few months!! 1. Frontal lobe: reasoning, problem solving, memory 2. Parietal lobe: touch, speech, movement 3. Temporal lobe: auditory (sound) perception 4. Occipital: visual 5. Hippocampus: short and long term memory 6. Cerebellum: motor control Brain growth: 1. Experience-expectant process: brains ability to create circuits based on human experiences, opportunities to see objects and hear language 2. Experience-dependant process: additional growth & refinement of brain structures based on learning • Learning a language, playing instrument Types of brain plasticity: 1. Modfiability: cell function can be changed 2. Compensation: cells compensate for defects in neighbouring cells Maltreatment & brain: if stress is prolonged, cortisol is over-produces Alters: 1. Amygdala: feel more fearful and threatened 2. Hippocampus: decrease in ability to self-regualate stressful repsonses \ Reasons: 1. Parental problems 2. Parent’s lack knowledge of infant dev
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