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Lecture 5

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PSYC 2110
Jean Varghese

Ppt notes; Sensation: detection of stimuli by sens receptors and transmission of this info to brain!! Perception: interpretation and analysis of stimuli using sense organs and brain 2 ways to explain perceptual development: 1. Enrichment theory:ADD sensory info to stored knowledge to perceive 2. Differentiation theory: perception involves detecting distinctive features or cues that are contained in sensory stimulation we receive Research methods to study 1. Preference method: gain PAT ability of infants by presenting 2 or more stimuli and observing which baby prefers • Measure time infant spends looking at each!! 2. Habituation-dishabituation method: present infant with stimulus, infant eventually lessens intensity of initial reaction • Dishabituation: an increase in responsiveness when infant ID’s new stimulus 3. Evoked potential: measures changes in brains electrical activity in response to specific stimuli 4. High-amplitude sucking method: use infants sucking behaviour to tell us if they discriminate b/w stimuli and show preferences Vision: least developed sense at birth, cells in retina and optic nerve are immature • Visual acuity: person’s ability to see small objects in small detail • Visual contrast: amount of light/dark transition Colour perception:
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