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Lecture 8

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PSYC 2110
Jean Varghese

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Lecture 8 book: • Piaget described kids as active explorers who construct schemes to establish EQ b/w thinking and experiences • Adaptation consists of assimilation (fit new exp to existing ones) and accommodation (modyfieng experiences to explain behaviour) • Sensorimotor period (0-2 years) • Reflex (0-1 months) • Prim circ reactions (1-4): repeat acts on body • 2 circ reactions (5-8): repet of enjoyable acts performed on env • Secondary circ actions: skills to solve problems • Tertiary circ actions: repeating old skills with new objects • Mental representation: symbolic thinking and work through problems Preoperational period (2-7 years): • Symbolic reasoning increases, children gain the capacity for dual representation a) Pre-conceptual (2-4 years): ability to use mental symbols to represent people and objects Limitations: 1. Egocentrism 2. Animism: attribute life to inanimate objects 3. Inability to distinguish appearance from reality 2. Intuitive thought (4-7 yrs): use primitive reasoning Limitations: 1. Concentration: conc on 1, ignore another 1 2. Irreversibility: can’t mentally go back 3. Focus on end state: ignore processes and just focus on end state Identity training allows children to solve conservational tasks • During reflectional period children develop TOM (reflectio
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