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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Evolutionary Foundations

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PSYC 2110
Jeremy Burman

PSYC 2110 Lecture 2Evolutionary Foundations Monday January 16 2012 What is EvolutionWay of understanding our place in nature that is consistent with what we find in the worldWay of thinking about us and the worldTraditionally humans place at top of hierarchy o More human things at top gorillas less human things at bottom wormsEvolutionary theory has changed many times Humanitys Tree Today slide diagram A difference of approachEvolutionary psychology o Think about evolution in order to understand modern traitsimagine how our ancestors lived They evolved in order to cause so thats why we effectDevelopmental psychology o Think about evolution in order to understand how change occurs o Evolutionary change has long been used as a model for developmental changeQ why are we not chimpanzees if we are from chimps o We have a common ancestornot descended from chimps o The common ancestor branched out 2 types chimpshumans How similar are chimps and humansHumans have hugely massive brains o Much greater encephalization quotientBut chimps do indeed o Use tools communication o Show empathy selfawareness laugh o Also got to war with other chimps territories BonoboFor a long time chimpanzees provided the animal model for what human ancestors were like o Mostly uncivilized o Led by patriarchbullies
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