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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Nature and nurture

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PSYC 2110
Jeremy Burman

PSYC 2110 Lecture 3 Nature and Nurture Monday January 23 2011 David Shenk4 ways to guide students to lasting longterm success 1 Believe in their potential 2 Support but dont smother 3 Pace and persist 4 Embrace failure Last weekEvolution as a natural source of ideas regarding devInheritance might be shaped by lang and education change of selection pressuresCause of our divergence from ape ancestors We are led to a problemAs language improved our brains got bigger made more complex language possible o Enabled larger groups more social opportunities o Larger groups are more complex new selection pressures society o Able to take down bigger prey New sources of food new niceFossil trend is clear Hippelvis from ChimpanzeeAustralopithecusHumanChange in hips humans move on 2 legsSize of birth canalOur hips changed but the birth canal didnt o bipedal gait is very efficient but needs our hips o Coupled with sweating bipedalism is a big advantageHumans cannot run fast but can run really farsince we sweat well Benefit of Bipedalism further faster for less energy Head size vs Birth CanalSize of birth canal is limited by efficiency of bipedal gait walkingHead size is limited by the size of the birth canal
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