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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Epigenetics & Self-Regulation

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York University
PSYC 2110
Jeremy Burman

PSYC 2110 Lecture 4 EpigeneticsSelfRegulation Monday January 30 2012 TestMultiple Choice like quizzes120 questionsCover material from textbooklecture materialLast weekHuman brains evolved to point thats too big to pass through birth canalThus secondary altricialityborn immature then grow o Pruning of redundant and nonfunctional connections through dyadic interactions between caregiver and child o Attachment makes these interactions possible2 free years of free learning o Gross brain anatomy is inheritedo Function is shaped by selection pressuresTeratogen monster maker Nature vs NurtureUsual way to thinkdichotomy o Nature genes for brain structures o Nurture parenting education culture etcWe cannot have nurture without the brains Must havebothIntertwined Hip Problem reduxIf grow up in famine you will be smaller than your genes allowed growth stunted o Mothers pelvissmallerHead size evolved trait o Next generation with no famine head size will revert to type and end up bigger than birth canalThus since mothers who grew up during famines dont die during childbirth smaller babies there needs a way to tell baby not to grow too big Why is this a problemBefore no accepted mechanism by which this communication could occur
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