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PSYC 2120
Doug Mc Cann

Chapter 1: What is social psychology? Social Psychology: the scientific study of how individuals thoughts, feelings. and behaviours are influenced by other people. -it is a field dedicated to understanding the causes and consequences of social interaction between individuals or groups -the study of how other people affect us - social psychologists study how individuals process information about other people and how they sore this information in memory - interested in explaining social behaviour -take the perspective of individuals in a social setting rather than focusing only on objective features of a situation social construals: how individuals personally interpret or perceive a social situation - whatever you believe to be the other person's motive will determine how you behave How other people affect us -fake emergencies constructed -individuals fail to intervene because they rely on others to interpret the event - people may misinterpret the situation as a non emergent based on the inaction of others social comparison: the process of comparing ourselves to other people to make judgements about the self - other people affect or actions deindividuation: refers to the feeling that people are unacceptable for their actions when they are in a large group Social Psychology is Not just Common Sense - our beliefs and intuitions about social behaviour are often correct however, not always; must conduct research to find out which ones are valid -some of social psychology is common sense and and consistent with folk wisdom folk wisdom is often vague and simplistic Example: common sense: rewards and reinforcement are the way to change behaviour, social psychology; it is sometimes the absence of an attractive reward that produces the greatest changes in attitudes and behaviour Hindsight bias: once we learn about an outcome it often seems obvious "I knew it all along" Connections to other areas of Psychology Primary focus of the Related topics to Area of Psychology field Social Psychology -individual differences -traits that help explain that affect social Personality Psychology human behaviour behaviour (ex: self esteem) -age related changes in -social development; Developmental human abilities and how relationship skills Psychology behaviour emerge -social cognition-how -how the human mind Cognitive Psychology info about people is works processed and stored -loneliness, shyness and -psychological or mental other relationship Clinical/Counseling problems affecting
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