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Lecture 1 (PSYC 2120) PROF: WARD STRUTHER - 2013

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PSYC 2120
Gerry Goldberg

PSYC 2120 Social Psychology Lecture 2: September 19, 2013 Trends in Social Psychology  Changes in focus (instinct, attitude, iconsistency, attributions, social cognition, automatic processing, neuro)  Changes in issues( prejudice, aggression, riots, crime, multiculturalism, morality, religion)  Changes in participants (gender, M to F, general to college students)  A more dominant focus was on men than women at first due to miscellaneous reasons (sexism, etc) the dominance moved to mostly women, however, now days it’s almost equal in both genders.  Changes in analysis (Univariate, multivariate)  social psychology has mostly moved from single variables to multiple variables Research is mostly about asking and answering a question with a set of systematic procedures which assist researchers in avoiding biases Self-serving bias: Humans have the tendency to see themselves in a positive light Illusory correlation: seeing relations where none exist Fundamental Attribution Error: the tendency to overestimate the impact of the person and to underestimate the impact of the situation Actor/Observer Bias: when judgments are affected by the perspective of the judge. E.g: I do badly on a test and I blame it on situation factors than personal factor. Hedonic Bias: A desire to maximize good things and minimized bad things General Research Method - Begin with a research question - Choose a Theory (to help guide answer the question) A theory is a reasonable set of variables or constructs that interrelate in some way and help us to understand to predict and to control some phenomenon) - Make a hypothesis (A testable question) - Gather a sample (a subset of an entire population)
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