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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Chapter 3 Notes How the mind worksSchemas o Building blocks of the mind o Mental representations objects or category of objects o People have schemas for specific interpersonal relationships o CategorizationBasic function is to categorize objects in ways that impose meaning and predictability o Selective information processingThe schema used to categorize an object can influence what is noticed about the objectAlthough ambiguous info will usually be interpreted as consistent with a schema anything that obviously contradicts outr expectancies will grab our attentionUnexpected actions arouse our curiosity and lead to attempts to understand why the object is exhibiting characteristics that are inconsistent w its category o AccessibilityThe ease w which the schema comes to awareness o PrimingThe process by which the activation of a schema increases the likelihood that the schema will be activated again in the future o Chronic accessibilityThe degree to which schemas are easily activated for an individual across time and situationsStereotypes o A set of characteristics that someone associates with members of a groupBeliefs that members of a group share particular attributesSocial psychologists interested in stereotypes directed at disadvantaged groups o Going beyond given infoGroup to which perceiver belongs is ingroupOutgroup group to which a perceiver doesnt belong toStereotypes of ingroups are generally favorableIngroups seen as quite diverse and out groups tend to be seen as more uniformExaggeration of similarity within groups to which we dont belong is called Homogeneity Effect o Selective information processingOur stereotypes can change how we interpret ambiguous behavior
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