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Lecture 7

Social Psych Lecture 7 - Conformity.docx

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PSYC 2120
Kerry Kawakami

Chameleon EffectWe conform to the actions of other people around itIt makes others like us moreeg at an interviewSocial Influence Informational social influence vs normative social influence Normativechange so that others will like usInformational change Informational Social InfluenceChanging behavior because we believe that anothers action is more appropriate than oursNot changing just so someone would like usWe conform because we think it is the right thing to doWill continue to act this way even not in the presence of the subject Autokinetic StudySherif 1936Dark room by yourself with a dot on a screenparticipants asked to estimate how far a dot moves on a screen throughout the dayThe dot didnt move at all optical illusionParticipants answers about how far the dot moved converged as they disclosed their answer in front of othersInformative social influence When do we conform to
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