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Lecture 4

PSYC 2130 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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York University
PSYC 2130
Christa Philips

Lecture 4 Midterm 1: Test 1 will consist of 80 multiple choice items. Chapters 2, 3, 10 and 11 = 15 items each. Lecture = 20 items. In Anal Stage when the child finds the parents demands overly critical they can show either active or passive resistance. When they show active resistance, they find out that it can be used as a direct means of social control. The kid can resist passively by holding it in that can set the stage for retentive behaviours. Phallic Stage: There are changes in the kids during this age. They are interested in their genitals and genitals of opposite sex. According to Freud the conflict in this stage is the last and most crucial conflict with which the child must cope with respect to personality. The conflict here involves the childs unconscious wish to possess (sexually) the opposite sex parent. The Oedipus story is particularly salient to Freud. According to Freud the little boys first object of love is their, mom and as the libido shifts and centers on the genital region the love for mom becomes erotically tinged (incestuous) the boy begins to see the father as rivalcompetitor, someone he would like to eliminate showing the emergence of an aggressive desire. The aggressive desire renders the little boy afraid that his father will retaliate. The little boy knows at that age that females lack a phallus and worries thats how dad will retaliate by castrating the boy. Little boys (5 years old) think that all females are castrated males. The little boy suffers from castration anxiety which is much stronger compared to the boys incestuous desire. The resolution of Oedipal complex consists of two processes: Repression and Defensive identification. Repression at this incestuous desire, putting a thought or unexpectable desirefeeling completely out of conscious. Defensive identification is the way by the boy becomes a threatening person (more like his father). All of this is happening unconsciously. The boy unconsciously thinks that he cant possess the mother directly but he can get some of the joy of possessing her by becoming like his father, he can possess vicariously (indirectly or through someone else) and the boy resolves the conflict by identifying with dads behaviour, attitudes, etc. It allows the boy to eliminate the castration anxiety and according to Freud it also allows the boys to assimilate so called appropriate sex role behaviour. The psychological theme of Phallic stage is sorting out what it means to be male or female. What happens in the context of non nuclear families? When Freud put out his theory the definition of family was quite narrow and now the definition has become quite diverse with single parents, same sex parents, etc. For Freud the only, healthy form of sexuality was heterosexuality. The female version of Oedipal complex is referred to as the, Electra complex. This is much more complicated and Freud has considerably less to say about personality development in females. The little girls first object of love is also her mother and during Phallic stage she also discovers the control of her father over her mother. She reasons that she must have had one at a earlier time and blames her mother for castration. So, now weve got this anger
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