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PSYC 2130
Ian Mc Gregor

Week 10: Meaning Erik Erikson and Erich Fromm (Germans) --> Uniquely concerned with Identity  Uncertainty and self-responsibility : how are you going to decide what you want to be?  Identity vs. Escape from Freedom : most people avoid the question  Socially Mediated by Cultural Values, Narratives, and Practices: coming of age ceremony (walkabout into the wild) how can i exist in this culture? What is my role with other people 5. Identity vs. Role Confusion  Adolescents and young adults try to figure out "who am i??" they establish sexual, ethnic, and career identities, or are confused about what future roles play. --> requires Crisis and commitment  Finding self, Piaget's formal operation  Erikson's life  Marcia's identity statuses Crisis --> (N) Diffusion Moratorium Comitment (down)(y) forclosure Identity achieved  From success to integrity... The integrity shift --> mixed balance of efficacy and integrity for undergrads but for older people have more integrity  Related to self realization and self actualization of Horney, Rogers and Maslow  Requires tolerance for anxiety, not repression --> fixation on "excessively intense" extremes Need for Self-Transcendence  Dark side of the American dream (fame and fourtune lead to unhappiness)  Competence/doing /what; autonomy/being/why --> pride alienates people from others --> pride ends up feeling empty and futile. All vanity. --> uncertainty about what is worth doing. Angst!  Philosophy and religions --> phenomena vs. ideals ; strive for something with our being --> transcendent virtue --> Hindu wants of humans as psychological stages (pleasure, success, duty, ideals (yogas)) Approaching Meaning  Hope and meaning in life are associated with approach motivation, negatively with anxiety.  Seeking meaning is positively associated with both anxiety and with approach motivation.  Anxiety scales: anxious attachment, neuroticism, stress , BIS, rumination  Approach scales: promotion, power, BIS (not fun?) What spurs the Quest for meaning? boat heading for the falls and there's nothing i can do about it. Once you've woken up you can't turn back. (Gilgamesh) Despair (Bacon, 1944) Goal blocked Angst (Much, 1893; Picason 1937) Whats the point of living why bother? --> Guernica and the Scream Existential Threat and Despair  Durkheim: "suicide" horzions need limits --> too many choices , can't take it  Gilgamesh; Tolstoy and "Death of Ivan Ilych" --> spends his whole life being good and on his death bed realizes that he "blew it" can't be who he wants to be.  Kierkegaard: existential guilt  James: "Skull will grin in at banquet" (running boy)  Sartre: "Existence precedes essence" (first we exist then we know what we are) radical freedom, nausea (no sturdy ground to stand on) "bad faith" (forclosure) , "hell is others"(we can't fake we have to choose) , existential masochism and sadism. Looking through a keyhole, someone opens the door and someone sees you.  Fromm, Adorno: Authoritarian "Escape from Freedom: (link to Kohut and parenting) interviewed people: what make people bigoted against people who are different, result from authoritarian parenting. Doughnut self and hide hole with power and grandiosity.  Becker: "Denial of Death," "Prophets of Unrepression;" Worldview defense --> repression is the only thing we've got. We need repression in order to adhere to our cultural values. Goal threats and vigilant despair Insert slide Thought suppression: Ironic Processes and Rebound Insert slide Life stories 1) redemptive stories --> give back to societ
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