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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Lecture 1 Outline PSY21301 Course Description and Evaluation Procedures2 The Problem of Definition What is Personality Behaviour is apart of personality The way we think of the world our emotions are apart of personality Personality is not easy to define like any other aspects of psychology There is no agreement on whats the definition of personalityThere is no concrete evidence for definitions in psychology The concept of personality is vulnerable to this problemAt some level personality psychology has impossible properties Alternative definitions of Personality o P the underlying causes within the person of individual behaviour and experience Cloninger 1996 o P the dynamic and organized set of characteristics of a person that uniquely influences hisher cognitions motivation and behaviours Ryckman 1997 o P consistent behaviour patterns originating with the individuals Burger 1993 o P dynamic organization of psychophysical systems that create the persons characteristics patterns
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