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Lecture 4

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York University
PSYC 2130
Ravi Naimpally

Lecture 4 -Freud on nurture: Fixation and Personality -belief of what mom did -Oral (pleasure focused, suck , dependent, clingy), Want to be around people -Anal (toilet training, over and under of it makes you anal retentive) not open to new experiences -Phallic (playing with genitals all the time) oppose others, not stick with what they started with and open to new experiences -Genital( ability to share pleasure) finish what they start and open to new experience and change and not neurotic Was Freud Scientific? -not really -could’ve been more scientific if he defined his terms properly -Oral fixation (biting your lip etc.) -Falsifiable (resisting, reaction formation, frued would be accused for it) -Murray (motives, were the basic psychological needs -Murray needs -need was activated by the press which makes you have the drive for understanding -People would be unable to tell you about themselves… there biased -From motives to traits -theories began to look inadequate -they started questioning assumptions -around the 60s people started having a lot of sex -Cognitive (what people are thinking and what they want) -Harvard Group -they had opposite perspectives in both books -Allport didn’t follow Freud’s view took whole different direction and succeeded -he describes personality as adjectives (they could all be traits) What is a personality type? -something in that person that will come out -maybe it’s an external description that are surrounded with funny stuff (funny car, funny house etc) Made up example -good scales are reliable when your given the test again and have the same scores -Personality psychology -Problems are that there are too many traits (there is no way that knowledge could build on itself) - 1960s (desire to change social structure)that situations made people the way they were -Nice people can end up in a powerful situation (Milgrim Study.. shocks) -adjective definition is agnostic, because it doesn’t locate the trait -Mischel shock ( traits probably don’t exist and even if they do they don’t predict anything) -Personality traits become powerful when you combine them with situations (predicts important social phenomenon) Lecture 4 -Big 5 -put all personality factors in a test and factor analyze them ( what is it sees how highly correlated one adjective is to another) -Stable over time (they would stick to it even though the context changed) -Even if person the score changes the average stays the same (highest person 10 to 5) Bi
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